Since the 1990s, Benjamin W. Johnson attended several learning institutions. While some of them are academic/educational, others are professional. For instance, Dr. Johnson graduated from the police academy in 1995. He completed several training activities and obtained numerous certificates.

Dr. Johnson completed trainings in fields related to law enforcement. He received specialized trainings in policing, counter terrorism, counter ambush, and diplomatic security. Dr. Johnson attended the Police Academy and was trained as a patrol officer.

Dr. Johnson was also trained as a secret service agent with the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS/Mobile Division). He was trained by American State Department officials in several fields related to counter ambush and terrorism.

Below is a summary of Dr. Johnson’s professional achievements. He worked in policing, security, education, policy, and consultancy. See a timeline of Dr. Johnson’s career trajectory and accomplishments to learn more.

Dr. Johnson is fluent in several languages, including, but not limited to, French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. To learn more about Dr. Johnson, including his professional career, click on this link to download Dr. Johnson’s curriculum vitae (CV).