Between 1995 and 2021, Benjamin W. Johnson attended several educational institutions. They are located both in the United States and abroad. His most salient academic achievements include the following: a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a Master’s degree in Political Science, and a Doctorate in Philosophy.

As a student of life, Dr. Johnson is constantly learning and working towards enhancing his skills in various fields, including criminal justice, public policy, law, and public administration. Below is a summary of Johnson’s academic achievements.

Dr. Johnson holds several academic degrees from two prestigious  educational institutions. They include Penn State and Villanova University. Dr. Johnson also attended other institutions, including John Jay, North Carolina Central Law, Widener Law, Universidad Del Noreste, and Police Academy (Fort Leonard Wood), among others. See a timeline of Dr. Johnson’s academic accomplishments.

Dr. Johnson compiled several academic works. They include conference papers, essays, articles, and books. To learn more about Dr. Johnson’s academic works, download his Curriculum Vitae (CV) here.

Ben Wood Johnson